Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Xbee Project Contextual Statement

This blog is a document of my explorations of Xbee as an RF trigger. The purpose of the blog is to document my findings and help new users of Xbee, like me, to get started.
It started as a project to make a useful, marine smart system, for me to use on the boat over summer. Upon reflection I realized that my experiences and observations could be used by others so I decided to blow the project up and publish online for people to see.

I have tried to be as accurate, clear and concise as possible, giving examples and explanations for users to try.
I have made comparisons between different methods for using Xbee as an RF trigger and share my observations for others to use.

The name 'How to Use Xbee to Make a Proximity Alarm' and simple url, howtousexbee.blogspot.com, is purely to make the publication more searchable and accessible to more people.

I acknowledge that there are other methods of wireless communication that I have not examined. I seek only to add to the community of data online for inventors, hobby electricians and smart systems enthusiasts.

As well as being useful to hobbyists, inventors etc, I hope this blog can be used as a starting point for educators to help students learn about wireless electronics in smart systems.

Please write any alterations, comments, comparisons or useful links in the comment box below the related post. This will provide perspective and help create an ongoing dialogue for others to use.


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